Caesarstone Technical Information and Data

Technical Data

Caesarstone® technical information is available to assist in the specification process such as MSDS material safety data sheets and test results in PDF format as downloads from the Professionals Zone which is open to all. Please click here to login or create a free account.

If you require further technical information please Contact Us to obtain project specific information.

The nominal dimensions of Caesarstone’s quartz slabs are 3,060mm x 1,440mm enabling greater design flexibility and maximum utilization of the product.

Slab Size and Weights

Thickness Slab Weight Slab Weight/m2
30 mm 330 kg 75 kg/m2
20 mm 220 kg 50 kg/m2
13 mm 140 kg 32 kg/m2

In tests of flexural strength, compressive strength, impact strength, water absorption, and freezing compressive strength, Caesarstone® came out the clear winner against natural stone.

Performance Comparison

  Flexural Strength Impact Test Water Absorption by Weight Compressive Strength Freezing Compress Strength
  Flexural Strength
Impact Test 
Water Absorption
by weight (%)
Strength (kg/cms2)
Freezing Compress Strength
(after 25 cycles)
Caesarstone 515 315 0.02 2200 2082
Marble (Botticino) 60 29 0.55 2161 2082
Granite (Rose Fiorito) 134 61 0.33 1921 1906
DIN Standard 52112 2234 52103 52105 52104

Head-to-Head Comparison

Caesarstone® vs. Marble 8:5:1 4:6:1 27:5:1 1:1 1:1
Caesarstone® vs. Granite 3:8:1 2:2:1 16:5:1 1:1:1 1:1:1
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