A seamless finish

Larger panel sizes mean fewer joins and less grout lines, leaving you with a more seamless finish which requires minimal maintenance to stay looking like new for years to come. 

Beautiful designs for the bathroom

Caesarstone has specially selected a range of colours and designs in 13mm thickness for bathroom wall panelling. 

In addition, the entire range of 40 Classico™ Collection colours are available in 20mm thickness which can be used for benchtops, vanities, flooring, bath hobs and shelving.

Ideal for wet areas

Caesarstone surfaces are ideal for wet areas as they are non-porous, durable, resistant to stains, scratches, common household chemicals, mould and mildew.

This makes Caesarstone the ideal choice for showroom wall linings and bath surrounds to create a premium, flawless finish which is easier to maintain.

Bathroom Surfaces

ndless design possibilities to create your dream bathroom