A Seamless Finish

Caesarstone surfaces are a luxurious alternative to tiles with the large floor-to-ceiling panel sizes
allowing for minimal joins, resulting in clean, minimal and modern spaces.

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Learn more about Caesarstone bathroom surfaces for applications such as vanities, bath hobs, shower recesses, wall & floor panels and inset shelving. 

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Installation of Caesarstone® floor and wall tiles should always be conducted in accordance with all relevant Australian building codes, regulations and standards by qualified trade professionals.

Does CSA sell product for flooring?

  • Yes, our product can be used for flooring.
  • However Flooring application is excluded from the Caesarstone's 10 Year Limited Warranty.

Compliance with standards?

  • On any commercial project the designer and builder are responsible for ensuring compliance with relevant standards.
  • Most commercial flooring uses will require Caesarstone product to have an additional anti slip treatment to comply with standards.
  • Residential flooring has no compliance standards, however we recommend anti slip treatment.

Anti slip?

  • Caesarstone® recommends installing an anti-slip treatment such as R10+ using one of their approved installers to increase the slip resistance safety margin.

Product offer?

  • Caesarstone® does not have a tile offer.
  • Caesarstone® recommends that tiles are cut from 20mm slabs to the required size by a Stonemason with a high accuracy, precision bridge saw.
  • Tile size 600x600 mm or greater.
  • Square not rectangular.
  • 1mm arise to every edge.
  • Joins =/> 3mm. And expansion joins as required.

Which adhesives do we recommend?

  • Only quartz compatible systems from Mapei or Latticrete, following their instruction completely, as they offer high levels of technical support and project specific warranty.

Who should install it?

  • Professional tile contractors with previous experience in laying quartz tiles using one of the recommended adhesive systems.
  • Stonemason's with quartz tile laying previous experience.