Here at Three Birds Renovations, we’ve transformed over 14 bathrooms and seen the good, the bad and everything in between. Bathroom renos are hugely popular and for good reason too. They’re a discreet space that can be transformed without requiring the rest of the house to follow suit. To help you design your very own dream bathroom, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips and hacks.

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1. Drop the Floor

If you want to avoid that toe-stubbing little step which exists at the entrance of many bathrooms, ask your builder to drop the floor by about 5cm before the sand cement bed and tiles are laid. That will ensure the finished floor height of your newly renovated bathroom is flush with the floor on the other side. This is especially relevant in ensuites where a carpeted bedroom might transition straight into the tiles… Remember, “flush is fab” but if you decide it’s too hard and costly to drop the floor, that’s ok too, just make sure your tiler adds a little ramp so you aren’t stubbing your toe everyday #ouch.





2. Tuck the Toilet Away

In the past (I’m talking about my parents’ era), toilets were usually kept separate from the main bathroom and some people still prefer it that way. But if you’re choosing an all-in-one open plan try and tuck the toilet away so that it’s not the first thing you see when you enter the bathroom. There is nothing worse than a view of the toilet to make a first impression in your dream bathroom. Although having said that, toilets are becoming much more attractive these days, especially the wall hung, in-wall cistern options.





3. Wall Hung Vanities

Wall hung vanities are our “go to” for the simple reason they make the space feel larger by seeing the floor tiles continue underneath. The only downside is a bit less storage but we think it’s worth it for the overall look and feel of the room.





4. 60mm Stone Benchtops

We love to use 60mm because we love the way the thick stone looks and it adds a touch of luxury to our bathrooms. And just because you choose one type of stone for one room doesn’t mean you have to replicate the same stone in other spaces. Feel free to mix it up, so long as your choices complement each other.

For example, in my Forever Home ensuite, we used Caesarstone® Fresh Concrete™ which has a light cream colour and lovely matte finish which worked perfectly in this bathroom. However in the Powder Room we opted for Caesarstone® Raw Concrete™ as we thought the grey tones would tie in nicely with the feature fishscale tiles which included pops of grey.





5. Big Mirrors

A simple, large mirror is all that’s needed in most bathrooms. We love to mix it up between round and rectangle and remember, mirrors don’t need to be fancy (or expensive) to make an impact.





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