A valued extension of our living areas, kitchens are now at the heart of our homes rapidly evolving into spaces where design meets functionality.


While the trends come and go, our kitchens last for many more years and perhaps many more owners. With this in mind taking the time to plan and create a kitchen that has both longevity and compliments your home is a vital step towards maximising your investment.

To help you plan your next kitchen design, we reveal the top five trends that are shaping their design.


Trend 1: Sleek Kitchens With Plenty of Storage

The pursuit of a clutter-free lifestyle and the need for warm, inviting spaces is making elegant, seamless kitchen design ever-more desirable.

Sleek cabinetry without handles and magnificent kitchen islands offering ample extra storage continue to take centre stage in many of the open plan living spaces we see emerging today.


Icon Building Solutions
Photography: Peter Nguyen
Island: Caesarstone® Statuario Maximus™


Our lust for connecting spaces continues to propel the unrelenting push for unique storage solutions, innovative cabinetry and futuristic technologies that hide our functional appliances at the push of a button making way for beautiful, uninterrupted entertaining spaces.

While we are busy streamlining our kitchen spaces and increasing our storage, designers continue to breathe new life into previously redundant or ignored spaces around our homes. We are expanding our kitchen capacity with functional yet sophisticated butler’s pantry and laundry areas that flow on from the kitchen — all trends that are set to continue for years to come.


Kerrie & Spence – The Block 2018 Butler’s Pantry by Freedom Kitchens
Photography: Marcel Aucar
Surfaces & Splashback: Caesarstone® Airy Concrete™


Trend 2: A Love of Raw Industrial MaterialsThe ever-growing fascination with our natural and built environment is fuelling our desire for raw materials that engage with our senses — inspired by the rugged beauty of nature, our food or the very materials we use in the construction of our homes and the built environment. We are all driving the trend towards calm, organic spaces that resonate with our lifestyles and surroundings.


Kitchen by Space Craft Joinery
Photographer: Josie Withers Photography
Stylist: Emily O'Brien
Benchtop: Caesarstone® Frozen Terra™


Designers are unearthing innovative ways to bring raw materials into your homes with stylish finishes and textured, sophisticated surfaces like Caesarstone® Frozen Terra™, Primordia™ and Rugged Concrete™. An infusion of contemporary industrial style that is neither harsh nor cold in its appearance and complements even the most subtle or bold colour palettes.


Kitchen by The Goodluck Hope Project, London
Image Courtesy of Caesarstone UK & Ireland
Kitchen Benchtop & Island: Caesarstone® Rugged Concrete™


Trend 3: Statement Splashbacks

This year splashbacks are getting the attention they deserve. A notable yet often overlooked part of your kitchen design. A considered splashback can elevate your kitchen. It can be the main attraction or accentuate other prominent features.

Either bold statements in their own right or seamless continuations of your luxurious Caesarstone® surfaces, splashbacks offer the opportunity to add a complementary or contrasting flair to your kitchen bringing a whole new layer of interest to your overall design.


Boutique Homes, Kaduna Park
Photography: Damien Kook Photography
Island & Splashback: Caesarstone® Rugged Concrete™


Design Tip:

Creating a flat lay can help you choose the right colour, texture and style for your splashback, benchtops and flooring. A simple, effective way to bring all of your samples together in one space to see which elements work best for your overall design. A great way to explore your broader colour palette, accessories and soft furnishings.



Trend 4: Open Shelving

Do you recall the innovative kitchen design by Courtney and Hans and Freedom Kitchens for The Block Challenge apartment last year? It was simply stunning — a perfect example of how to apply the Freedom Kitchens stylish new 2020 Black Alumin Frame Shelving enabling the bold Excava™ island and splashbacks to pop.

Open shelving is still very much an evolving trend across both Australia and Europe and its presence is introducing exciting new opportunities for unique design statements and innovative kitchen gardens. The practicality and know-how of integrating open shelving into your overall kitchen design do require careful consideration.

How do you feel about this emerging trend?  Are you ready to step away from minimalist designs or have you already started deliberating which crockery or travel curiosities will make the display cut?  Open shelving is certainly a trend to watch to see how it evolves with the kitchens of the future.


Courtney & Hans: The Block Challenge Kitchen by Freedom Kitchens
Photography: Marcel Aucar
Splashback: Caesarstone® Excava™
Benchtops: Caesarstone® Pure White & Caesarstone® Jet Black™


Trend 5: Two-Tone Design

A rapidly growing trend for 2019 is two-tone colour in kitchens. Contrasting cabinetry that creates a captivating aesthetic for kitchen designs or a combination of Caesarstone surface colours that add interest or a distinctive flow to separate spaces.

Adding two-tone cabinets or surfaces can provide the perfect backdrop to accentuate or complement your design and colour palette.

The use of monochromatic design remains a two-tone trend that resonates with designers, utilising bold white surfaces such as Pure White™ or the new nature-inspired veining of Empira White™ to draw in the light. While contrasting black appliances, cabinetry and tapware add bold accents against more muted colour palettes.

You will find the two-tone trend can work wonders for small spaces evoking a sense of both space and luxurious indulgence.


Kitchen by Norsu Interiors
Two Tone Cabinetry & Caesarstone Airy® Concrete™


Design Tip:
Consider using the unique tonal aesthetic of marble-inspired surfaces such as Caesarstone® Empira White™, Vanilla Noir™ or White Attica™ to complement your design.


Kitchen by Kitchens For Living
Kitchen Display, HIA
Benchtop: Caesarstone® Empira White™


So, how can you apply these trends to your kitchen design?

Trends exist to inspire. With a plethora of innovative ideas available in magazines, social media, online articles and material samples, you have an ideal opportunity to start building a collection of ideas and inspiration. Taking your collection to designers is a welcome conversation starter. So, what feels like a pipe-dream now can often be reworked into something that fits your budget and style once you sit down with your kitchen design team.

You can find expert advice from experienced designers at Caesarstone Showrooms across Australia, always on-hand to help you on your design journey.


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