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Oxidian™ 4735

Dark and Industrial.

Part of the Metropolitan collection, Oxidian captures the depth and beauty of natural stones like slate and industrial metals oxidised with rust over time.

With transformed metals such as bronze, steel and cast iron a big part of contemporary design, Oxidian encapsulates the magical essence of alchemy within the quartz surface.

Tarnished with an uneven rust effect atop a slightly textured, dark grey base, Oxidian™ 4735, celebrates the industrial aesthetic and our longing for tactile surfaces.

At home in urban apartments and houses, Oxidian™ brings an aged yet practical and durable metallic presence to interiors.

Designing with Oxidian™ 4735

Oxidian works in harmony with other industrial materials. For example, concrete, timber, and gunmetal or black cabinetry. For lighting, handles and tapware, try brushed steel or copper.

Designers are trading light, minimal colours for the warmth and emotion of a darker palette. They are using darker wooden floors, ceramics and furnishings to lead the dark kitchen trend taking the design world by storm.

For those who still prefer a lighter interior, there is always room for shots of colour.

The Finish

Enhanced by the new Natural finish, Oxidian bestows spaces with a sense of luxury. Gently reflecting light, the slight textural finish adds warmth to the grain and a unique sensory feel.

Care & Maintenance

The Natural finish offers the same stain and scratch resistance as our polished surfaces and never requires sealing. Compared to lighter colours, black and dark surfaces do not disguise scratches, marks, and fingerprints easily, so may need more regular cleaning.

Caesarstone’s range of Cleaning Products offer both everyday and thorough cleaning solutions. View our Care & Maintenance and FAQ / Care & Cleaning pages for further information.


Collection Caesarstone
Range Project Standard Deluxe Supernatural Supernatural Ultra
Available Thickness 20mm 30mm
Surface Finish Polished Concrete Rough Natural  
Nominal Slab Dimensions Standard: 3,050mm by 1,440mm
Jumbo: 3,240mm by 1,640mm
Grande: 3,340mm by 1,640mm
Weights Standard: 20mm = 198-206kg (45-47kg per m²)
Jumbo: 30mm = 299-310kg (68-71kg per m²)
Grande: 20mm = 247-258kg (45-47kg per m²)

Available Edge Profile

Note: A minimum radius of 3-4mm is recommended on any edge profile.

Pencil Edge

Recommended 6mm minimum radius

Bullnose Edge

Full profile radius

Laminated Edge

For a thicker edge look

Mitred Apron Edge

Especially recommended for supernatural design edges

Shark Nose Edge

Where a thin edge / floating look is desired

Splayed Edge

Often used for furniture

5x5 Shadow Line Edge Join

An excellent option for islands and drop down panels