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White Attica™

White Attica™ 5143

Caesarstone’s White Attica is a stone that brings exuberance, bold simplicity and a classically inspired vision to a considered space. Inspired by New York marble, this stone is versatile enough to be used even throughout the most luxurious and elegant interior spaces. White Attica showcases the rich blue-black veins on a brilliant white background. This becomes the perfect hero against otherwise minimal surroundings or as the sharp inclusion to modern natural timbers. It is a rich full bodied design that can be added to shaker doors, plain cabinetry and colours that include whites, black, grey, navy and natural timbers.

Below are three styles, certainly not an exhaustive list, that can start your exploration into the endless possibilities for White Attica:

Island Style
We often embrace a relaxed resort style look in our homes so we can feel connected to the ocean all year round. It makes sense given our proximity to the Australian coastline. When we start selecting our colours for this style we often turn to the crisp whites and a variety of blues to tell the story. This also means we capture a range of beachy inspired visuals that extend through the Rustic, Hamptons and Contemporary coastal looks. You can create this island style using rustic baskets, palm leaves and wicker or timber accessories. Oversized pendants in a range of natural materials will compliment this look and drops of blue in the form of the décor that sits on your benchtop. Add in a hint of black to bring a contemporary or industrial feel with your crisp whites and bring to the forefront the navy that is on show within the White Attica.

Classic Contemporary
Classic Contemporary merges timeless elements from our interior icons with a revolving door of colour trends that come into favour each year. There is a Sophistication to this look that comes in the form of new technologies mixed with a simplistic monochromatic colour pallet. Contemporary design can often collaborate beautifully with many different interior styles but classic is one that encompasses a broad range of textures, materials and colours. We love to pair White Attica with herringbone timber flooring, native flowers and black accents that sing the praises of a contemporary look. This Classic Contemporary style is one that embraces White Attica because of its bold confident colour mix. You are guaranteed to have an ever evolving but future proof look if you travel this design path.

Modern Style
This look is far more relaxed in its delivery. Engaging with Naturals and Neutrals it lends itself to the addition of bespoke, vintage and functional design. This look is warm and inviting and adding in a colour like White Attica adds to the personality that we look for in Modern Design. Adding a mix of rich timbers, metals and long lasting materials the Modern style will just need your own personal touches.

Crafted For You


Collection Caesarstone
Range Project Standard Deluxe Supernatural Supernatural Ultra
Available Thickness 20mm 30mm
Surface Finish Polished Concrete Rough Natural  
Nominal Slab Dimensions Standard: 3,050mm by 1,440mm
Jumbo: 3,240mm by 1,640mm
Grande: 3,340mm by 1,640mm
Weights Standard: 20mm = 198-206kg (45-47kg per m²)
Jumbo: 30mm = 299-310kg (68-71kg per m²)
Grande: 20mm = 247-258kg (45-47kg per m²)

Available Edge Profile

Note: A minimum radius of 3-4mm is recommended on any edge profile.

Pencil Edge

Recommended 6mm minimum radius

Bullnose Edge

Full profile radius

Laminated Edge

For a thicker edge look

Mitred Apron Edge

Especially recommended for supernatural design edges

Shark Nose Edge

Where a thin edge / floating look is desired

Splayed Edge

Often used for furniture

5x5 Shadow Line Edge Join

An excellent option for islands and drop down panels