Crafted For You


Behind the beauty of Caesarstone surface designs is authentic and human craftsmanship.


Looking at many of the Caesarstone designs on offer, people often compare them to works of art. In a way, that's not far from the truth. The design process itself is a hands-on experience, hence our Research and Design (R&D) team consisting of creatively driven designers, almost artists, but working with a very different canvas.


Head of Product Design, Mor Krisher, has been with Caesarstone for nearly a decade and has a broad background in design.

"We have been designing surfaces for more than thirty years, and since day one our intention has been to push technical and creative boundaries", says Mor.

"Manufacturing quartz surfaces is a blend of science and art with both aspects holding equal importance. We have an incredible technical R&D team, which fortunately means that I can focus my attention solely on the 'art' of our brand."


Mor Krisher: Head of Product Design


The Making of Primordia



So how does the design team start and where do they find their inspiration? As with all new Caesarstone releases, the concept begins with the team in front of a blank piece of paper, pencil in hand and with a defined source of inspiration. 

"When we start working on new designs for our Supernatural and Supernatural Ultra products, we take several different qualities from natural stone and combine them, working on the nuances of the design for many months until we are 100 per cent happy. The result is a beautifully natural looking product that you can't find in nature. We can give consumers and architects something truly unique that they can't find anywhere else."

"I love concrete", says Mor. "We have several products in the Caesarstone Concrete range, and we've spent lots of time accurately mirroring the colour of the material. For instance, Rugged Concrete 4033 was a real breakthrough product in which we combined the colour and the texture."



The Making of Empira White



Each story reflects Caesarstone's broader design approach, where inspiration is sometimes less than obvious, but where the results are always breath-taking.

"We are visual creatures, and we respond to the colour and patterns that surround us, good or bad. I think Caesarstone plays a role in creating environments that inspire, that connect us with nature or that provide the tactility that is so important to us all."

Immerse yourself in inspirational colours and textures as you discover more of the stories behind our innovative designs at your nearest interactive Caesarstone showroom.


Mor Krisher presenting design trends