An Oran Park home has sold at auction for $521,000 to Brendan and Sharon Sammit and their two children, raising around $100,000 for The Right Start charity.

The Right Start has been set up to support families that have children with Down syndrome, with co-founder Glenda Graban saying the auction had been a nervous experience.

“I was shaking the whole way through the auction and I can’t believe we’ve finally sold the house,” Mrs Graban said.

The money that has been raised through the auction will now enable The Right Start to build Australia’s first specialised Down syndrome centre in the Macarthur region where families and their children can meet on regular basis to offer help and support to one another.

Mr Sammit, the new home owner, said knowing he’d helped a charity while buying his family’s dream home was perfect.

“We have two beautiful and healthy kids and buying a house which will help a childrens’ charity played a big part in us being at the auction,” he said.

“I know how hard it is when you have two kids but having some with Down syndrome would be even harder.”

Caesarstone, together with Procorp and Harrington Kitchens, is proud to be among 38 other businesses and individuals to donate materials toward the construction of The Right Start charity house.