As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the highest levels of service and convenience for our customers, Caesarstone is delighted to announce the launch of a new online Visualiser app which makes designing your dream with Caesarstone even easier.

The online Visualiser app offers a photorealistic representation of a kitchen, bathroom or commercial space which can be customised with a colour palette of your choice from the Caesarstone range.

This allows you to simply and conveniently convey different design styles and refine colour choices together with your clients with immediate results and feedback.

Together with the entire Caesarstone colour range, the Visualiser app also lets you select flooring materials, wall colours and even cabinet styles to accurately depict the overall tone and feel of your colour selection with a visual design mock up.

From there, you can save your selection, share it with friends and clients, or see a summary of the design options you have chosen.

The Visualiser app is available to try now on the Caesarstone web site, for best results we recommend using a desktop, laptop or tablet device.