Supernatural Range

Inspired by some of the world's most beautiful natural stones, the Caesarstone® Supernatural Range Designs represents some of the latest additions to our Caesarstone quartz surface designs.

Using cutting-edge technology, the earthy tones and delicate veins of the Supernatural Range Designs are infused with intricacies and textures to create a versatile range for interior design which includes our classic marble-inspired designs Frosty Carrina™, White Attica™, Alpine Mist™, Piatra Grey™ and Vanilla Noir™.

Our Supernatural Range Designs range features some of the cutting-edge designs of our Metropolitan Collection which includes Rugged Concrete™, Airy Concrete™, Cloudburst Concrete™ all of which feature our newest surface technology the ‘Rough’ finish.  

The unique colouring of Topus Concrete™ features very subtle blush undertones that will bring out the softer side of interior materials whilst our newest release Primordia™ features a very subtle authentic oxidised rust.

The bold Excava™ is characterised by its beautifully unique industrial patinas, reflecting the decay of stone weathered by time and nature.

The beautiful veining of Bianco Drift™, London Grey™ and Turbine Grey™ convey a unique pattern and movement within their designs, equally at home in both contemporary or traditional interior designs.

The Supernatural Range Designs adorn any interior – from traditional through to contemporary and modern designs, maintaining all the advantages and timeless qualities of Caesarstone. 

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Care & Maintenance

Caesarstone® polished surfaces require very little maintenance to keep them looking like new. For every day, routine cleaning of Caesarstone® we recommend wiping the surface with warm soapy water (a mild detergent) and a clean damp cloth or use our Caesarstone® Spray Cleaner.

The Concrete and 'Rough' low reflective surface finishes can be more susceptible to showing everyday marks and spills, meaning more regular cleaning may be required.

View our Care & Maintenance page for all the advice you need to maintain the lustre look of your surface. You can also visit our online shop to purchase any of the recommended cleaning products.

10 Year Limited Warranty

For added peace of mind, all Caesarstone quartz surfaces come with a comprehensive 10 Year Limited Warranty applicable to our product.

Once your surfaces have been installed, simply complete your warranty registration online to receive your complimentary Caesarstone Customer Care Kit.

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